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Keystone Tablet

Keystone Tablet

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  • 【 DURABLE AND INDESTRUCTIBLE 】: Made with grade 304 Steel, the Keystone Tablet is the long term solution to helping you safely store and backup your crypto seed phrase due to its resistance to corrosion. The various screws present in the tablet help protect it against deformation. It is also designed to have a fireproof threshold of 1399 to 1455°C / 2550 to 2651°F (House fires go up to 649℃ / 1200°F).
  • 【 SLEEK AND EFFICIENT DESIGN 】: Slightly bigger than a credit card, the Keystone Tablet is very portable. Easily access the contents of the tablet by sliding it open. You also can make use of the built-in keyhole to secure your mnemonics with a physical lock as well. All alphabetical letters come with anti-tampering stickers and are laser engraved to ensure they are resistant to corrosion.
  • 【 SEED PHRASE STORAGE 】: Supports 12, 18 or 24 word seed phrases (Only first 4 letters of each word needed).Suitable for all types of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Cardano, B【 HUGE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY 】: Compatible with all BIP39 hardware and software wallets (Ledger Nano X, Trezor, Bitbox, KeepKey, Coldcard, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Electrum, Mycelium, Exodus, Wasabi Wallet, Opolo, Cobo, ZenGo, CoinSmart etc.). inance Coin, Shiba Inu, Avalanche, Solana, Terra, Polygon, USDC, USDT etc.)
  • 【 WHAT YOU GET 】: 1 Keystone Tablet, 4 sheets of metal alphabetical letters (252 letter tiles in total), 2 anti-tampering stickers, spare screws, a screwdriver, and a guide.
  • 【 CAUTION 】: Due to the large number of screws and welding points in this product, It may leave scratches on the surface of the item, which is normal. If the product couldn't be opened after long distance transportation, please read-
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