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BitBox Tamper-Evident Bags 5 Pack

BitBox Tamper-Evident Bags 5 Pack

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If you want yet another layer of security for your hardware wallet and backup, tamper-evident bags provide a simple and cost-effective way to safeguard your assets.

Why would you need tamper-evident bags? Simple: To detect if someone attempted to access your hardware wallet or backup.

Features Of BitBox Tamper Bags

  • The tamper-evident security bags are easy to use with comprehensive instructions

  • There is ample space to protect several items. This includes space for your steel sheets and hardware wallet itself. The tamper-evident bags erase most chances for the theft of vital information.

  • The bag has a strong seal, security seams, and tear-resistant foil. The bag is a universal application, which means it works with a variety of hardware wallets.

  • It has a generic layout, and it's made of transparent material for visual checks. The bag has 360-degree protection from various environmental dangers. Your electronic devices and plates are protected against heat, freezing, and solvents.

How Do You Use the Tamper-Evident Bags?

Tamper evident bags are easy to use. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. It's recommended that you use a flat surface when placing items in tamper-evident bags. Place your selected contents into the new tamper-evident packaging for safety.

  2. Make sure you remove as much air as possible from the tamper-evident bags. This tightly seals the bag and keeps out any moisture. Then expose the adhesive. Fold over the top, and close the bag.

  3. To keep a record of each bag, tear off receipt and keep this in another safe place.

  4. If, for some reason, anyone gains access, immediately check all accounts for breaches. But remember, just because someone gains access does not mean they've hacked into all your accounts.

Safety And Security of Tamper Evident Security Bags

Undetected access is impossible with this secure storage. Security features in the tamper-evident packaging stop thieves in their tracks.

Security Features

Tamper-evident bags are used by banks and government agencies to store away their most important data. With tamper-evident security bags, it's obvious when someone has gained access to your data or assets. This extra security layer shows even the smallest indicators of changes in the bag.

Any signs of mechanical access or physical access can be detected easily. As physical access would require breaching the security seams, tamper-evident security bags would be damaged.


Tamper evident bags have full dimensions of 195 × 265 mm + 30 mm slip and inner dimensions of 180 x 210 mm.


Tamper evident bags are compatible with most crypto wallet devices, seed plates, and other sensitive components directly related to your assets. The bags fit small hardware wallets and other products as well. They can also serve as a Bitcoin backup safe.

How To Detect Mechanical Access: Is Undetected Access Possible?

It's extremely difficult to gain access undetected. There will be clear signs when someone has compromised your safe place and hardware wallet. To detect this issue, you can look for a couple of indicators.

  • Water-soluble ink on the package will be smeared against the transparent material when moisture is applied. This can come from sweat on your hands as well.

  • The security tape will become discolored if any attempt has been made to freeze and break the seal.

  • If mechanical manipulation occurs, the security tape will be completely destroyed.

  • If anyone tries to dissolve the glue with a solvent, the security tape will be discolored and all security print will be wiped off.

  • If an attempt is made to melt the glue at the opening, the security tape will also be discolored.

What's Included In The Package?

In the package, you will find one instruction manual and 5 tamper-evident bags with strong seal security seams.

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