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Foundation Passport Hardware Wallet - Founders Edition

Foundation Passport Hardware Wallet - Founders Edition

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If your main focus is on trading Bitcoin, the Foundation Passport hardware wallet is the answer. This hardware wallet is an innovative, beautiful yet powerful device made right here in the US.


Features Of The Foundation Passport Hardware Wallet

Menu selections are simple with this product. Quickly find what you're looking for when you scroll through the device.

Balances and transactions can be made with little trouble. The device has a large LCD display that makes it easier to see the words and numbers on the screen.

The wallet uses AAA batteries and lithium non-rechargeable types, as per recommendations. However, you can use rechargeable batteries if you prefer.

There are a few positive aspects of using AAA batteries They have been around for a long time and will probably still be used for years to come. You can keep your assets in cold storage for years with these common batteries.

The device has a magnetic rear cover. This is where you load and remove your batteries. This magnetic cover also provides easy access.

The Foundation Passport wallet does not connect via Bluetooth or by cable. The device uses QR codes and a MicroSD Card to connect. Save screenshots and transfer information to your mobile device or computer.

The Passport hardware wallet uses a physical full keypad for entering important data and making transactions. This physical keypad is easy to see and utilize.

The wallet has USB ports, but they are only used for charging the device. You cannot connect via the USB port.


How Does The Foundation Passport Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Work?

The Foundation Passport device works exclusively for those who focus on Bitcoin. This Bitcoin self custody hardware wallet does not support other types of cryptocurrencies and is a domestically manufactured product.

Keep your coins safe with transparent security options and a classic connection. Foundation devices only use QR codes and MicroSD cards to connect with other devices. They do have USB ports, but these are only used for charging. Even though the device may seem simple, it laser focuses on one type of coin in order to perfect its capabilities.


Safety And Security Of The Foundation Passport Wallet

Foundation devices are safe and have the best security. With 2 MicroSD cards and a QR code, there are limited ways to connect with the product. And there are several other security features as well.


Security Features Of The Foundation Passport Hardware Wallet

The QR code helps you communicate between computer and hardware wallet or app. There are no wireless communications.

Only PSBT files are being sent. With Foundation Passport devices you can verify this with your QR code.

The robust security model ensures optimal safety. Although the hardware does not have external seed words, it does store a hidden code on the SD card. It also has an embedded secure element.

Air gapped bitcoin transactions may work best with no access via a Wifi connection. This, in itself, ensures the safety of your data. The Passport firmware updates automatically as well.

The Passport supports options for partially signed bitcoin transactions so all parties can add their signature when possible.


Weight And Dimensions

The Foundation Passport weighs 50g, which is a more heavy and more robust security model. The dimensions are 4 x 1.5 x 1 inch in size.



One of the most common wallets that pair well with the Passport is the Blue Wallet. This is a simple bitcoin wallet that works well with the Foundation Passport's hardware.

The Passport makes and meets standards and the firmware pairs well with wallets that support bitcoin-centric tools.


What's in the Box?

The package comes complete with the devices and accessories. These components are highly secure.

  • Within the device box will be the Foundation Passport hardware wallet, a MicroSD card x2, and AAA batteries x2.

  • User's guide

  • Stickers

  • Founder's artwork on a double-sided postcard.

We are an authorized retailer of Foundation devices.

Foundation Passport devices are in stock, ship quickly and are packaged well.


Customer Support

Customer support is important to make sure your Passport meets your own standards and needs. Everyone wants a refreshingly simple user experience when it comes to their electronic products. Whether you have questions about your SD card slot, software, the firmware itself, or other questions about the latest firmware updates, contact the company.

Foundation team support resources are offered in the form of support tickets and online chat options.

More Options for Support

There are frequently asked questions on the site and email options. Use this email,, and social media pages on Twitter and LinkedIn for more support.

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