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Tangem 2.0 Wallet 2 Packs

Tangem 2.0 Wallet 2 Packs

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Tangem 2.0 Your wallet.

Slim as a bank card, secure as a bank vault. Store, buy, earn, transfer and swap thousands of coins and tokens.


Tangem is redefining the wallet experience by delivering top-level security, simplicity and accessibility. Enjoy complete autonomy and independence while managing your assets with a single tap. Tangem Wallet breaks down barriers for crypto newcomers and enhances the custodial experience for advanced users.

During the activation process, the card’s embedded chip generates a random private key, ensuring that the wallet cannot be compromised.

A Tangem Wallet set can contain up to three Tangem cards. You get three equal cards to one wallet, just like having three identical keys to your room door.

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