Nano S Plus Hardware Wallet Review

Nano S Plus Hardware Wallet Review

The Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallet is the latest product in Ledger's line of cold wallets. It is DeFi and NFT-friendly, and provides a high level of security for digital assets. We'll take a look at the features of the Nano S Plus and see if it might be a good choice for you. We'll also take a look at Ledger's other hardware wallets and compare them with the Nano S Plus.

What is the Ledger Nano S Plus?

Ledger hardware wallets are some of the most popular and trusted wallets available on the market today. The Nano S is the company's first and most popular model, no doubt due to its small size, ease of use, and low price.

The Nano S Plus has all of the features of the original Nano S but with a few upgrades, plus it adds support for storing and managing NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Additionally, the Nano S Plus has built-in support for interacting with DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly hardware wallet.

Features of the Ledger Nano S Plus

Manage over 5500 Coins & Tokens

You can use the Ledger Live app to manage over 5,500 coins and tokens from your computer or Android smartphone. It's also compatible with over 50 hot wallets.

Store and Protect your NFTs

Send and sign your NFT transactions in Ledger Live with full transparency. Visualize your NFT collection and keep it safe from hackers and thieves.

DeFi App Integration

Use Ledger Live to connect to a host of DeFi applications to securely buy, exchange, borrow, lend, and stake crypto.

Secure Chip

The Nano S Plus features a certified chip (CC EAL5+) that protects your assets from hackers and thieves. Your private keys never leave the device. If necessary, you can restore your wallet using the 24-word recovery phrase that the device generates during setup.

Bigger Screen

Compared to the original Ledger Nano wallet, the S Plus has a larger screen, making it easier to use and view transactions. Specifically, the Ledger Nano S Plus has a 128 x 64-pixel display.

Large Memory

The Nano S Plus comes with 1.5MB of storage, supports over 100 apps simultaneously, and can manage over 5500 digital assets. That means you can store your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins as well as your NFTs all in one place.

Android Compatibility

The Nano S Plus can be used with your Android phone as well as with your desktop or laptop computer.

Small Size

The Ledger Nano S Plus is only 2.45 inches wide by .68 inches tall and .32 inches thick which makes it about the size of a USB flash drive. It's sleek and compact, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Easy Setup

The Nano S Plus uses a USB connection for easy plug-and-play use. You're ready to view and make crypto transactions in no time.

Low Cost

Despite all of its features, this Ledger device can be purchased at a low cost, making it an attractive option for both crypto beginners and experienced traders.

What's the Difference Between the Nano S, the Nano S Plus, and the Nano X Hardware Wallets?

The new Ledger Nano S Plus hardware wallet is an upgraded version of the Nano S. It includes a larger display and more storage capacity than the Ledger Nano S.

With the Ledger Nano S Plus, you can manage NFTs and use DeFi applications, two things you cannot do with the Nano S. Both the Ledger Nano S and Nano S Plus use a USB cable to connect to your device. This is necessary since there is no internal battery in either of these wallets. Neither of these hardware wallets has Bluetooth capability and they can only be used with an Android mobile device, not Apple.

The Ledger Nano X has a bigger screen and larger storage capacity than the Ledger Nano S Plus. It also features Bluetooth connectivity and can be used with both iOS and Android devices.

While the original Ledger Nano S came in a variety of colors, the Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X are only available in matte black.

Pricewise, the Ledger Nano S is the least expensive Ledger device followed by the Nano S Plus and then the Nano X.

About the Ledger Company

Ledger was founded in 2014 by eight people, including CEO Eric Larchevêque, CTO Joel Pobeda, and president Nicolas Bacca. The company is headquartered in Paris, France. Ledger has a team of over 50 people, including engineers, designers, and support staff.

Ledger's hardware wallets have been used by several high-profile companies and organizations, including Google, Facebook, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the United States Department of Defense. Ledger's products have been reviewed favorably by security researchers and have received a number of awards. The company produces some of the most popular and trusted hardware wallets today.

Our Opinion About the Ledger Nano S Plus

The Ledger Nano S Plus is a great option for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use hardware wallet. It offers all the same features as the original Ledger Nano S, plus a few extras, and is very simple to set up and use. If you're looking to upgrade from your old Ledger Nano S, the process is very straightforward and moving your crypto to your new wallet can be done in just a few minutes.

And if you currently own or plan to invest in NFTs or utilize DeFi services, then the Ledger Nano S Plus is one of the best hardware wallet options on the market for you today.

How to Set Up the Ledger Nano S Plus Hardware Wallet

To set it up, you will need a computer with the Ledger Live application installed, as well as the USB-C cable that comes with the device. Then follow these 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Connect the Ledger Nano S Plus to your computer using the supplied USB-C cable.

Step 2: Choose the option to "Set up as new device" when prompted on the screen.

Step 3: Select a PIN code with 4 to 8 digits.

Step 4: Write down your 24-word recovery phrase on the supplied Recovery sheet.

Step 5: Confirm your recovery phrase by selecting the requested words from the list.

Your device is now ready! You can install apps and add accounts in Ledger Live.

How to Update the Ledger Nano S Plus Firmware

Updating your Ledger Nano S Plus firmware is a quick and easy process that can be done through the Ledger Live software. simply follow the instructions below.

Before you start, make sure that you have the latest version of Ledger Live installed on your computer. You can check for updates by clicking on the “Update Firmware” notification banner in Ledger Live, or by downloading the latest version from the Ledger website.

It is also important to have your 24-word recovery phrase available before beginning the update process, just as a precaution.

Follow these 7 steps to your Nano S Plus firmware:

Step 1: In Ledger Live, click on the “Update Firmware” notification banner.

Step 2: If you don’t see the notification banner, please try again later as the release is rolled out progressively.

Step 3: Carefully read all instructions on the window that appears.

Step 4: If your recovery phrase is written down and accessible, tick the checkbox at the bottom and click on “Continue”. The update process normally does not require the recovery phrase, but you should have it available as a precaution.

Step 5: Your device will show “New firmware” and the version number. Press the right button to select “Confirm update”. Press both buttons to confirm.

Step 6: Enter your PIN code to confirm. Your device will then restart and install the update.

Step 7: The update process will continue automatically. The Ledger Live app will display multiple progress loaders, while your Ledger Nano S Plus displays “Processing”. Your device is successfully updated once Ledger Live displays “Firmware updated”.

You’ve successfully updated your Ledger Nano S Plus firmware! Ledger Live will automatically reinstall apps on your device. You may notice an increase in app storage capacity.

How to Transfer Crypto From a Ledger Nano S to a Nano S Plus

If you own a Ledger Nano S, congratulations! You're the proud owner of one of the most popular and well-respected hardware wallets on the market. But what if you want to upgrade to the newest model, the Nano S Plus? Below, we'll walk you through the process of migrating your crypto from your old Ledger Nano S to your new Nano S Plus.

Before you start, there are 2 things you'll need: the latest version of Ledger Live installed on your computer, and your Ledger Nano S 24-word recovery phrase.

With those things in hand, you're ready to begin transferring your crypto. Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Plug your Ledger Nano S Plus into your computer to power it on.

Step 2: On your device, select "Restore from Recovery Phrase".

Step 3: Choose and confirm a PIN code, then select "Enter your Recovery Phrase".

Step 4: On the next screen, select "24 words".

Step 5: Enter each word of your recovery phrase into the fields on your device.

Step 6: Your device will now begin the process of restoring your account data. Once it's finished, you'll see the dashboard on your device.

You're all done! Your Ledger Nano S Plus now contains a copy of your private keys, meaning you can use either device with your Ledger Live account.

It's a good idea to keep your old Ledger Nano S as a backup in case you lose access to your Nano S Plus in the future.

Also be sure that both Ledger devices have a strong PIN code. With that in mind, below is how to change the PIN code on your new hardware wallet.

How to Change the PIN Code on the Ledger Nano S Plus

To change your PIN code on your Ledger Nano S Plus, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Connect and unlock your Ledger Nano S Plus by entering your PIN code.

Step 2: Hold both buttons for 3 seconds to open the Control Center.

Step 3: Next, go to "Settings" then "Security" and then "Change PIN".

Step 4: Choose a new PIN code of 4 to 8 digits. Enter it again to confirm.

Step 5: Enter your old PIN code to validate the change. Your new PIN code is now set.

Nano S Plus Review Final Words

We hope this information has helped you decide if the Nano S Plus is right for you. And remember, storing your crypto in your online wallets is very risky. It's also very risky to buy a Ledger hardware wallet indiscriminately from anyone on Amazon or Ebay, or for that matter anywhere online. If you want to buy a Ledger hardware wallet, it should always be from an authorized and trusted Ledger retailer like The Crypto Merchant.

Buy a Ledger Nano S Plus here.

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