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Trezor Safe 3

Trezor Safe 3

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Trezor Safe 3, an affordable and user-friendly next-gen hardware wallet, makes crypto security accessible to everyone with Secure Element protection, an open-source design, and on-device confirmation.

Trezor Safe 3 keeps your crypto safe from hackers, malware, and other threats by storing sensitive data offline, ensuring 24/7 security. Equipped with cutting-edge security features, including Secure Element (EAL6+), PIN, and device-entry passphrase, Trezor Safe 3 provides impenetrable security.

With easy wallet backup, your assets are always recoverable, no matter what happens. You can choose the Standard Backup, which involves a 12-word list for easy access or opt for the Shamir Backup for extra peace of mind with multiple-word lists.

Trezor Safe 3 offers enhanced privacy with Coinjoin support, Coin control, and Tor. These advanced features allow you to take greater control of your crypto and keep your transactions private.

Trezor Safe 3's bright and easy-to-read OLED display, combined with its modern design and four premium colors, ensures a stylish and secure self-custody experience.

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