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Titanium Seed Phrase Storage Kit

Transform the seed words from your hardware wallet into an unyielding force by metal stamping them into titanium plates. With every letter fused seamlessly into the metal, our plates are highly durable, eliminating any concerns of loose pieces or inconsistent materials that may falter in extreme conditions.

Our plates boast fire resistance, crushproof reliability, non-corrosive properties, and enduring nature that defies decay over time, enabling you to confidently #HODL for the long haul.

We've partnered with ImpressArt™, the world leader in metal stamping and a division of Stamp Seed, to develop a kit that allows you to effortlessly and accurately metal stamp your recovery seed phrase into commercial-grade titanium plates.

All Kits Include:

  • Titanium Seed Plate: 2mm thick, polished, laser-engraved, 24 numbered cells, 2 sidelines for additional information, and 4 utility holes for mounting or stacking multiple plates together with hardware, zip ties, or locks. Fire-resistant: up to 3,000ºf (1,650ºc), non-corrosive and crushproof.
  • Stamping Jig: *Patent Pending* Holds titanium plate firmly in place when stamping, contains indicator lines to help with letter/number spacing and alignment, and has a steel base built in which provides a hard surface to stamp on.
  • Metal Stamp Set: full 36-piece metal stamp set, letters A-Z and numbers 0-8 (6 used for 9), with a slotted storage case for easy organization. Each stamp contains side markings for clear identification and orientation, as well as an indicator line that will match up with our Stamping Jig. Simply line up indicator line on stamp with the indicator line on the Stamping Jig for perfect stampings.
  • Also includes detailed step-by-step instructions and foam molded storage case to discreetly store all of your supplies.

Tool Add-ons:

Metal Stamping Hammer

  • This 2lb ImpressArt hammer was designed specifically for metal stamping, by ImpressArt®, a division of Stamp Seed, and will ensure your characters are stamped deeply using minimal force.
  • Ergonomic features provide the optimal striking angle, its brass tip absorbs the shock of the strike and reduces bounce back, and its added weight ensures letters are stamped deeply into titanium.


  • This steel bench block provides a very solid stamping surface, which will help you achieve deep impressions using minimal hammer force.
  • Can be used in conjunction with our Stamping Jig for added reinforcement.
  • Great for light stampers, or those without a solid table/surface.
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