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Nebra 5.8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna

Nebra 5.8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna

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This durable outdoor antenna provides a wide range of frequency bands using vertical power that works with your Nebra Miner. The station provides all the power you need when looking for a Helium hotspot. In fact, it is ideal for high-powered heavy-duty home stations. Replace your stock antenna with this and get better coverage for your Helium miner.

Features Of The Nebra 5.8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna

The antenna has a 50m/s wind resistance. It stays stable against bursts of air. It is also DC grounded for lightning protection.

The antenna uses vertical power and has an N-J connection type that is a vertically polarized monopol.

The device has a frequency band range of 860-930MHZ.

It has a 5.8dbi max gain and high efficiency.

With the included instruction kit, the antenna is easy to mount.

How Does The Nebra 5.8dbi Gass Fiber LoRa Antenna Work?

The Nebra 5.8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna allows communication with hotspots from a greater distance. It can also increase your coverage overall. The Nebra 5.8dbi glass fiber Lora antenna is a high-quality product used in conjunction with the Nebra hotspot miner.

Using the male-to-female n0-type connectors, you can mount your antenna for use. When everything is ready to use, your station should gain 5.8dbi in power compared to the stock antenna.

Nebra 5.8dbi Glass Fiber LoRa Antenna Specs

  • The Nebra glass fiber antenna has 50 Ohms impedance

  • The product is made with quality materials, including a white glass fiber body

  • It has an N-type male connector and female connectors, with an RF cable

  • The device is 50 cm in length

  • The directional antenna has a vertically polarized monopole bandwidth

  • The device operates on 20 watts of power

  • Retains 40-60 degrees operation temperature when in use.

N-Type Male Length

The Nebra LoRa antenna comes with a 1m RP-SMA male to n-type female cable. The n-type male length at 1m is optimal for powerful and durable stations.

White Glass Fiber Connector

The white glass fiber connector is ready for most environmental elements. They can withstand all sorts of hot or cold conditions. The glass fiber LoRa antenna allows for more than 90% penetration of radio waves and has a vertically polarized monopole bandwidth.

Weight and Dimensions

The Nebra 5.8dbi glass fiber LoRa antenna weighs 320g. It has dimensions of 25-50mm in height. This does not include accessories and rf cable. It's lightweight and easy to connect to your home station.

What Comes In The Box?

There are a few important components included in the package. These components include:

  • A high-quality 5.8dbi glass fiber LoRa antenna

  • 1m RP-SMA male to n-type female rf cable

  • 1m UFL to n-type female rf cable

  • Also comes with installation instructions, complete with illustrations.

Manufacturer Information

Based in the United Kingdom, Nebra is an IoT and Industrials solutions provider. The manufacturer's antennas are used with indoor hotspot miners. They also create numerous products and other accessories including a lower dbi antenna or a higher dbi antenna for your Helium hotspot miner or Bobcat miner when near tall buildings.

Purchasing Information

The best place to find a great deal on Nebra antennas and miners is here at The Crypto Merchant. You may pay with a credit card, debit card, PayPal, and even with cryptocurrency.

Shipping is always free.

Customer Service

We offer free technical support and Nebra provides customer support as well. However, it's recommended that you check out the helpful frequently asked questions before contacting us or them. Many answers can be found in the FAQs that may provide the help you need.

If you cannot find the answers you need in the FAQs or by submitting a ticket. please contact Nebra through this email: The support team is helpful and can provide the correct answers to all your inquiries.

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