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BitBox Backup Cards 3 Pack

BitBox Backup Cards 3 Pack

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A BitBox backup card is the perfect way to create a handwritten backup of your wallet's 24 recovery words or seed phrase. The card is printed on ageing-resistant cardboard and a cold lamination pouch is included to use as an outer cover, so there's no need of a lamination machine.

Privacy is important, so the BitBox backup card does not mention Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies on the outside. But the instructions inside, as well as the included booklet, guide you through every step of backing up your wallet. BitBox backup cards are an easy, convenient, and secure way to ensure that your BitBox wallet is always backed up and ready to go.

BitBox Backup Card Features

Created with Fine High Quality Material

These backup cards are made of high-quality and ageing-resistant cardboard that is chlorine-free and acid-free.

Easy to Use

Safeguarding your recovery seed phrases is a breeze using the BitBox backup cards. Simply write them down and place them in the cold lamination pouch. Clear concise instructions come with your cards.


Not only are each backup card made of very strong cardboard but they come with a cold-lamination pouch to protect it from wear and moisture.

Backup Card Specifications

Compatibility: Any BIP39 compliant wallet

Size laminated card: 85 × 118 mm or 3.35 x 4.65 inches

Size retail package: 120 × 130 mm or 4.72 x 5.12 inches

What comes in the box of the BitBox backup card 3 pack?

Contains: 1 booklet, 3 covers, 4 inlays, 3 lamination pouches

Weight: 45g or 1.7oz

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