SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet Review

SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet Review

One of the most popular newer hardware wallets on the market today is the SecuX V20. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the features and security of the SecuX V20, as well as how to set it up and use it. So, if you're considering the SecuX V20 hardware wallet to store your crypto assets, read on.


About the SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet

The SecuX V20 hardware wallet is one of the most secure and user-friendly wallets on the market. It’s easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface and on-screen keyboard, and it connects via USB or Bluetooth for added convenience. USB-C charging makes it easy to keep your SecuX V20 powered up and ready to go, and the rugged aluminum casing ensures years of protection for your investment.

The SecuX wallet even includes a "hidden wallet " feature which we'll get into later in this article.


Key Features of the SecuX V20

  • Advanced security features like military-grade CC EAL+ certified secure element

  • Tamper-resistant packaging

  • A large 2.8 inch color touch-screen

  • Aluminum rugged case

  • Easy to use interface with the on-screen keyboard and address verification

  • Includes a "Hidden Wallet"

  • Connects via USB Type-C or Bluetooth 5

  • Utilizes 2-FA (2-factor authentication) when connecting through Bluetooth

  • Compatible with mobile phones and tablets (iOS 12.0+, Android 6.0+) and computers (Mac OS 10.13.6+, Windows 10, Linux, Chrome OS) with the Chrome V.71+ or Opera V.57+ installed

  • Supports over 1000 ERC20 coins and tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Digibyte, Dash, Binance Coin Dogecoin, and more.

  • USB-C equipped for easy charging and connection to your computer

  • Long battery life (up to 7 hours)

  • Manage up to 500 accounts

  • Compatible recoverability with BIP32, 39, 44 standards


Is the SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet Secure?

The SecuX V20 hardware wallet is equipped with an Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL+ Secure Element chip to securely store your wallet's private keys offline, and authorize transactions without the private key ever leaving the device. Such vault-grade and military-level security enables zero transaction leakage and surpasses those adopted by banking systems as protection from malicious online attacks.

The SecuX V20 hardware wallet also features tamper-proof sealing labels to prevent third-party intervention, as well as 24 recovery words and a passphrase for additional security. Two-factor authentication is enabled during Bluetooth connection. Finally, the dynamic keypad prevents breaking into the device by fingerprint tracing, and the wallet resets itself if there are more than five unsuccessful PIN entry attempts.

In short, yes – the SecuX V20 hardware wallet is very secure.


What is the Hidden Wallet feature?

The SecuX V20 Hidden Wallet feature allows you to create a hidden wallet within the app that is not linked to your main account. This can be useful if you want to keep some of your funds separate from your main account, or if you are concerned about security and want to keep your funds in a more secure location. It also saves you the cost of buying a separate other hardware wallet.

To access the Hidden Wallet feature, go to the main menu and select "Hidden Wallet". From here, you will be able to create a new hidden wallet or access an existing one. To create a new hidden wallet, simply enter a name and password for the wallet and then confirm the password. Once the wallet has been created, you will be able to add funds to it by transferring them from your main account.

To access an existing hidden wallet, simply enter the name and password for the wallet. Once you have accessed the wallet, you will be able to view your balance and transactions, as well as transfer funds to and from your main account.

The SecuX V20 Hidden Wallet accounts feature is a great way to keep your funds safe and secure. If you are concerned about security, then this is definitely a feature that you should take advantage of.


Who should buy a SecuX V20 hardware wallet?

The SecuX V20 is a great cryptocurrency wallet for people who need to manage multiple accounts, users with high-security concerns, and those who prefer a wallet with Bluetooth functionality and a color touchscreen. Despite its many features, persons who never owned a hardware wallet could be up and running with the SecuX V20 in just a few minutes.

While there are less expensive hardware wallets on the market, we can say that the SecuX V20 is one of the most secure and user-friendly wallets on the market today. So if you're in crypto for the long haul, then the V20 is worth considering.


About the maker, SecuX Technology Inc.

SecuX Technology Inc. is a blockchain security company that was founded in 2018. It's made up of a group of experienced specialists from various areas including information security, blockchain technology, FinTech, electrical engineering, and international business management.

After being named the Best Cross-Platform Crypto Hardware Wallet by CV Magazine, SecuX debuted the world's first revolutionary crypto payment solution called Stream, which allows fast deployment and lower operating costs to support payment service providers for all sorts of scenarios. The company is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for protecting people's valuable digital assets using blockchain technology including through its line of crypto hardware wallets.


What's the difference between the SecuX V20 and SecuX W20 hardware wallets?

The SecuX V20 and W20 hardware wallets share many of the same features such as military-grade encryption through their Infineon anti-hack security chips and an isolated environment that protects your private keys from being exposed to potential threats.

Both wallets support Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS, Linux as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. Both offer Bluetooth wireless connectivity, a color touchscreen, and a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 7 hours on a single charge. And both SecuX hardware wallets support over 1000 coins and tokens.

One difference between the two SecuX wallets is their shape: the V20 has a 12-sided polygon shape whereas the W20 is rectangular.

Another difference is the USB connection types: The V20 uses a USB Type-C whereas the W20 uses a Micro-B USB connection.

Finally, the two SecuX crypto hardware wallets differ in their weight and case material: The W20 wallet with its plastic case weighs about 2.19 ounces whereas the V20 wallet with its aluminum case weighs about 4.2 ounces.

Pricewise, the SecuX V20 is slightly more expensive than the W20, around $20 or so. But, if you're looking for a secure way to store and manage your cryptocurrencies, either SecuX crypto wallet would be a great choice.


What comes in the box?

(1) SecuX V20 Hardware Wallet

(1) USB cable

(1) SecuX microfiber cloth bag

(2) Recovery sheets

(1) Quick Start Guide


How to Set Up a SecuX V20 as a New Wallet

If you are setting up your SecuX V20 for the first time as a new wallet, simply follow the 6 steps below.

Step 1: Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on your SecuX hardware wallet then release the button once the screen lights up. Next, press "GET STARTED".

Step 2: Set up your PIN number using a 4-8 digit number then confirm your new PIN code.

Step 3: Name your device using 1-15 upper and lowercase English letters, then tap "NEXT".

Step 4: On the next screen, tap "YES" to set up the SecuX hardware wallet as a new wallet.

Step 5: The V20 will generate your 24 recovery words and display them 6 at a time. Write down your 24 recovery words in order on one of the provided recovery sheets. After you have done that, tap "NEXT".

Step 6: Your SecuX wallet will now ask you to confirm your 24 recovery words. (Note: If you fail to confirm more than 5 recovery words, the device will generate a new set of 24 recovery words which you will need to write down and confirm.)

Once the 24 words of your recovery phrase have been confirmed, your wallet setup is complete. You can now begin adding cryptocurrency to your wallet by pressing the "Add Token" button in the main menu.


Our opinion of the SecuX V20

The SecuX V20 is a great hardware wallet for people who need to manage multiple accounts or have high security concerns. The device has a large screen, making it easy to view your account balances and transactions. The wallet also supports multiple operating systems on computer and mobile, so you can use it with the devices you already own. Lastly, the SecuX V20 is compatible with the BIP32, 39, 44 standards for recoverability, so you can rest assured that your funds are safe if something happens to your wallet.

If you're looking for a Bluetooth hardware wallet that will give you peace of mind when it comes to security, the SecuX V20 is an excellent secure cold storage option. However, if you're only looking to store a limited amount of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, you may want to consider a different wallet.

The SecuX V20 is also not the cheapest option on the market when compared to many other hardware wallets, so keep that in mind when making your decision. However, the slightly higher price may be easily justified when you consider the V20's features, particularly how it can safely protect your crypto assets.

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