Ledger Nano S vs. S Plus: 2023 Comparison

Ledger Nano S vs. S Plus: 2023 Comparison

If you're looking for a quality crypto wallet, you can trust Ledger. The Nano S is still widely considered the gold standard for crypto wallets as it was one of the first cold wallets. But the wallet was inevitably surpassed with fresher, more updated models that built on what the Ledger Nano S accomplished.

One of the best-known is the Ledger Nano S Plus. This advanced model accomplishes many of the same tasks but pushes the Ledger model into the next generation. What sets this model apart? Here's a comparison of the Ledger Nano S vs. S Plus, examining the pros and cons.

Key Similarities

When looking at the Nano S vs. Nano S Plus, it's essential to look at the core elements of the two ledgers. Firstly, there are many similarities to consider. Regardless of what you choose in the debate of Ledger Nano S vs. S Plus, both cold wallets are physical wallets that are air-gapped from the internet. They perform the same essential functions. Similarities include:

  • Store coins and NFTs offline
  • Must be linked to external devices
  • Compatible with Ledger Live
  • Support apps

Both devices are equally trustworthy for keeping your cryptocurrency safe. In the battle of Ledger Nano S vs. S Plus for a quality product, both hold up to the task.

Key Differences

The devices are different in several key ways. For the discerning crypto enthusiast, this could decide the question of Nano S vs. Nano S Plus. For one, the Nano S Plus has a much greater storage capacity of 1.5 MB compared to the smaller 320 KB of the Nano S. This enables the Nano S Plus to hold more content and boast a dramatic expansion of apps from 5 to 100 per device. The Nano S Plus also has a larger screen at 128 px x 64 px compared to the smaller 128 px x 32 px.

Another difference to consider is physical size, which has less effect on the use but is worth noting. The Nano S is lighter at 104 х 58 х 5mm and 16 grams compared to the 21 grams and 62.39 x 17.40 x 8.24mm of the Nano S Plus. 

The most crucial difference is the number of cryptocurrencies the two devices can support. The Nano S is perfect if you have up to three coins you want to hold at a time, but for up to 100 coins, the Nano S Plus is the way to go. For people with diverse portfolios, this may be the most critical element in the Nano S vs. Nano S Plus debate. 

Finally, the two devices have slightly different connections. The Ledger Nano S uses a USB-A to micro-USB connection, while the Nano S Plus uses a USB-A to the increasingly more standard USB-C port. Depending on your compatibility needs, this can determine the question of Ledger Nano s vs. S Plus.

These are the key factors to consider. Here are a few others to take into account.

Physical Appearance

While the screens vary fundamentally, the two devices look much the same. Both are roughly the size and shape of a USB drive. They have aluminum shields that flip open to display the screens. The two devices are both sleek, professional-looking tools. The screen size is the only difference, but both are solid-looking accessories.

Ease of Use

The devices are alike in their ease of use as well. Neither device boasts Bluetooth capability, requiring a direct connection to the computer to work. Furthermore, neither device has any external battery life, making their use even more dependent on a desktop or laptop. Both fare exceptionally well in that realm, and hooking your wallet up to a computer is easy, especially for people who work on the go.

The difference in screen size does make a difference in ease of use, though. The larger screen on the Nano S Plus makes confirmation of address much simpler and less taxing. Both perform the task, but it's faster on the latter. 


It's important to stress that both devices are among the most secure possible. The devices have a CC EAL5+ secure element and an ANSSI certification. This puts the security on the same level as Visa and Mastercard, considered two of the most secure processors in the world. Two-factor authentication is another step used in the devices to ensure their security. Finally, the devices are designed to be thoroughly tamper-proof and entirely secure.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, figuring out which device wins in the Ledger Nano S vs. S Plus debate comes down to your needs. The instruments are fundamentally very similar, down the same MSRP of $79. The greater capacity of the Nano S Plus and the greater ease of use and up-to-date compatibility make it the more advanced pick to choose. If your needs are simple, the slighter Nano S should perform. Both devices are among the strongest in their class. The edge goes narrowly to the Nano S Plus but only narrowly.

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