Best Unhackable Recovery Seed Phrase Backup Kit in 2023

Best Unhackable Recovery Seed Phrase Backup Kit in 2023

Protect your backup recovery seed phrase from fire, floods, impacts, and prying eyes - with this low-tech, unhackable, apocalypse-proof solution from ShiftCrypto. The SteelWallet is an easy and affordable way to guarantee your crypto recovery seed against just about everything.

For years there's been debate about the relative safety of crypto vs cash vs banks, and to be fair, each system has a few benefits the others lack... and a few problems. One thing that simply can't be beaten though, is the "Backup Of Last Resort," available to every single cryptocurrency trader.

It's the ultimate tool that can restore the contents of your crypto wallet, even if the device itself has just been burned in a fire, crushed by a truck, and stolen by a hungry squirrel.

Okay... I might have gotten a little carried away there, but you get the point. No matter what happens, even if you simultaneously forget your password and destroy your crypto wallet, your digital assets are totally safe - as long as you have your recovery seed phrase.

That begs the question though. For something so important, the last and final key to your crypto, how can you possibly store it in a way that is 100% unhackable, but also invulnerable to everything from kitchen spills to natural disasters?

My advice is to go right back to the basics, like the SteelWallet from ShiftCrypto.

The Crypto Merchant, an authorized dealer for major crypto brands, has several options you can choose from - but in the next few paragraphs, I'm going to convince you that a SteelWallet is your best option.

You can find the full specifications for the SteelWallet, and several other popular backup devices, by visiting

The SteelWallet is as basic as it gets, and I don't mean that in a bad way. A punching tool, two stainless steel plates, a lovely carrying pouch, and an instruction book are included. As long as you don't put your password in front of a camera, your password is completely safe from any type of hacking because there is nothing electronic there.

Using this intentionally low-technology approach, ShiftCrypto produced a kit that is either proof against or highly resistant to all the most common causes of damage. While your plates should always be hidden to protect against theft, the stainless steel is impervious to water and highly resistant to damage from acid, impact, fire, and radiation.

While this may seem like an extreme approach for saving your password, recovery phrases are often used to restore access to potentially huge sums of crypto, in wallets that have been lost, stolen, or even destroyed entirely. By recording your recovery phrase in a low-technology, “apocalypse-proof” wallet, you basically disaster-proof your crypto.

The kit includes a neat automatic punch for marking the stainless steel plates, so you don't require any other tools. To mark your recovery phrase, just press the punch against the plate in the desired location, and the puncher spring will make a clearly visible dent that is easily recognizable.

The SteelWallet can hold up to 24 words as one lengthy recovery phrase or two shorter phrases and is compatible with all BIP-39 standard passwords. Despite the fact that each word in the BIP-39 standard password has a different four-letter beginning, you just need to punch the first four letters of each word into the steel plate.

One satisfied trader said, “I can recommend the SteelWallet without hesitation. I have never tested a product that made an easier or safer recording of a backup phrase.”

When they have a wallet for my cash that can recover my funds after it's been in a fire, or been stolen by a goose, then I'll start keeping my savings in physical money.

Until that day, I'll be making sure I have funds available come hell or high water, literally.


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