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Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet. Purple - Orange - Black

Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet. Purple - Orange - Black

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Ledger Adds Bluetooth and Larger Coin Storage to its Flagship Device. 

NEXT GENERATION WALLET - Ledger Nano X is a hardware device that safely stores your private keys. The state of the art Secure Element chip keeps the seed and private keys completely offline. You'll never have to worry about the remote hacking risks of software wallets and exchanges.

MOBILE SUPPORT & BLUETOOTH - The Ledger Nano X is one of the only hardware wallets that is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. Simply connect your device to the Ledger Live mobile app and manage your assets on the go, via bluetooth or USB-C. 

VERIFIED AND INSPECTED  - This Ledger wallet is guaranteed inspected and verified secure. Given the value of the assets you are likely to be storing on your hardware wallet, purchase with the peace of mind that you are receiving a verified secure unit to store your hard earned cryptocurrency assets. 

MULTI-CURRENCY SUPPORT - The Ledger Nano X can have up to 100 different coin applications installed at the same time. These include all major coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, All ERC20 tokens, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Dash, Tezos and many more. Manage all of your coins on one device.

TRANSACT IN TOTAL PRIVACY - With Ledger X, your wallet remains completely decentralized. Never let a third party know your private key or be privy to your transaction history. Be your own bank, now and forever. 

COMPATIBLE WITH LEDGER LIVE - Ledger's all-in-one Ledger Live companion app is free to download and use with the Ledger Nano X. This software allows users to track their crypto asset values in real-time, manage multiple accounts, stake coins, and transact securely all within a single app.

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  • Store up to 100 different coins
  • iOS & Android compatibility
  • Bluetooth & USB-C connectivity
  • Includes Ledger Live for managing and staking assets
  • Globally established and best selling hardware wallet brand
  • User-friendly & easy setup
  • U2F, firmware integrity, and dual chip architecture
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