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KeepKey Hardware Wallet

KeepKey Hardware Wallet

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PREMIUM DESIGN & DISPLAY - KeepKey’s beautiful 3.12 inch OLED display makes it stand out from the pack. Widely praised as the wallet with superior design and construction, KeepKey’s large screen, solid aluminum body, and cool digital animations make transactions fun and easy.

SHAPESHIFT INTEGRATION - KeepKey boasts seamless vertical integration with the popular exchange. This allows you to trade assets directly over the Shapeshift platform without ever having them leave your secure KeepKey device.

VERIFIED AND INSPECTED  - This KeepKey wallet is guaranteed inspected and verified secure. Given the value of the assets you are likely to be storing on your hardware wallet, purchase with the peace of mind that you are receiving a verified secure unit to store your hard earned cryptocurrency assets. 

SECURE YOUR FUTURE -  It is well known by now that storing your Cryptocurrency in a software wallet is a bad idea. With KeepKey’s ARM Cortex M3 CPU, flawless firmware integrity, and TRNG Hardware based random number generator, you'll never worry again about malicious hackers and security lapses.

MULTI-CURRENCY SUPPORT - Whether you're a Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Altcoin investor, trader, or miner, KeepKey provides a safe home for your Cryptocurrency assets.

TRANSACT IN TOTAL PRIVACY - With KeepKey, your wallet remains completely decentralized. Never let a third party know your private key or be privy to your transaction history. Be your own bank, now and forever.  


  • Elegant design & OLED display for easy transactions
  • Support for a variety of coins
  • exchange integration for smooth, efficient trading experience 
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