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XSEED Backup Tool

XSEED Backup Tool

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Although your crypto wallet is protected with a seed phrase, it's just not enough to thoroughly protect your assets. To ensure your finances are secure, your seed phrase also needs to be stored and protected.

All software or hardware wallets are better protected with security backup, and that's the idea behind wallet crypto seed storage. While key codes are quality security options, they should never be used alone when it comes to protecting digital currency.

A backup tool can store your recovery words or seed phrases. These phrases are either engraved on aluminum or stamped on stainless steel. These engraved or stamped letters keep protected information offline and in a hidden location.

Basics of the SecuX XSEED

The SecuX XSEED is a recovery seed steel plate. Similar to its aluminum seed backup counterpart, this product provides laser engraved tiles with specific seed numbers serving as a code entry to your account. With this code, you can access your hardware wallet even after you lose your initial key code to the system.

But even with the recovery seed word, you can encounter problems. It's important to note that these seed word plates should be hidden away from prying eyes. They are your last line of defense.

Why Use an XSEED Backup Tool?

The recovery seed/words provide the only true way to back up your private keys, which in turn protect your valued information. However, if anyone gains access to your recovery seed, then they can completely take all of your coins.

But here's the good point: If your digital wallet is stolen or lost, you can use your recovery seed words to access your account through another wallet. Wallet crypto seed storage gives you the ability to thwart cybercriminals with a simple set of recovery words that you store in a safe place.

Tamper-Proof Stickers

Tamper-proof stickers provide an additional layer of protection for your bitcoin wallet crypto seed storage. Each product comes complete with these stickers and if someone attempts to access your backup tool, you will know.

Fire Resistant and Waterproof

Even the 1.5 mm stainless steel sheets work well as a fire-resistant defense for your seed words. Crypto seed storage steel can withstand temperatures as high as 2639 degrees Fahrenheit/1454 degrees Celsius. This plate can resist fire in the worst of circumstances, protecting your financial livelihood.

Crypto seed storage steel plates are also waterproof as well. The letters cannot be simply washed away by large amounts of water. The fact that the plates are waterproof means they are also rust-resistant, preventing a decrease in the quality of the recovery seed.

Offline Storage

Yes, it is possible to store your recovery seed words online, but it is not recommended. You can also store seed words on a hard drive, but this is also a risky choice.

Recovery words are best stored physically offline. Recovery words can be stamped or engraved on a sheet of industrial-grade aluminum or stainless steel, then stored in a unique place. Never store recovery information in common locations.

Avoid storing this important information on paper or in any written form, as these mediums degrade over time. Paper can be lost or destroyed, and with this destruction, you could be locked out of your account with no access to your financial assets.

Easy and Quick Set up

It takes a short period of time to stamp the stainless steel plates with your recovery seed, as it only requires singular one-stroke indentions. With the 1.5 mm thickness of the stainless steel version, there is no warping or bending of the material during or after the process.

Multiple Sets for BackUp

XSEED and XSEED Pro offer multiple backup sets, seed words for 4 wallets with 24 sets of backup words, or 8 wallets with 12 backup words, for XSEED. For XSEED Pro, you can utilize 2 wallets with 24 recovery words or 4 wallets with 12 recovery seeds.

What's Included in the XSEED Box?

XSEED's set originally includes several components necessary to record bitcoin wallet crypto seed. This product packaging includes:

  • 2 stainless steel metal sheets

  • 2 industrial-grade aluminum plates

  • Tamper-proof stickers

  • engraver

  • cardholder

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