From the Face of SNL to His Face on NFTs

From the Face of SNL to His Face on NFTs

The Bill Murray NFT Collection 

The Bill Murray 1000 is a collection of NFTs that tell stories from Bill Murray’s life.  He helped create this collection in conjunction with theCHIVE, which he has backed since it launched in 2008, and Project Venkman, in which he co-owns and was named after his “Ghostbusters” character, Peter Venkman.  Each NFT corresponds with an original painting of Murray by David Grizzle along with the specific story in text that inspired the artwork. The collection will total 1,000 NFTs based on 100 different stories from Bill Murray’s life.  Bill Murray NFT holders will be a part of a community and have access to in-person events where they will be able to interact with the man himself! theCHIVE says that these will take place at least twice per year.  Additionally, the original buyer of each NFT will receive an engraved silver coin that grants them access to theCHIVE’s annual Gold, Silver, and Black dinner in Austin, Texas.  

The collection is set to begin its launch on Coinbase NFT on July 15 and can be purchased for 1.5 ETH.  A large portion of the proceeds will go to multiple charities chosen by Murray.  To keep up-to-date on the Bill Murray 1000 NFT collection subscribe for updates at The Shack so that you receive all the latest information about how, when, and where to purchase your Bill Murray NFT.

What is an NFT?

Decrypt describes a NFT, aka Non-fungible token, as a “blockchain token that serves as a proof of ownership, and can represent artwork, collectibles, access to communities, and more.” Think of an NFT as a one-of-a-kind trading card.  

Where do I store NFTs? 

The best place to store NFTs in a cryptocurrency hardware wallet.  They are known as cold storage which means that they are completely offline so that your NFT collection will not be vulnerable to theft.  In the hardware wallet, they will also be protected by a seed phrase.  Before storing your NFTs in a hardware wallet, they have to be moved into a software wallet; the best software wallet for NFTs is MetaMask. Once the NFT is in a software wallet, the hardware wallet can be connected to the software wallet allowing the NFT to be stored.

The best wallets for storing NFTs are:

  • Ledger Nano X -  Ledger Nano X is a hardware device that safely stores your private keys. The state of the art Secure Element chip keeps the seed and private keys completely offline. You'll never have to worry about the remote hacking risks of software wallets and exchanges.
    • Learn how to connect Ledger Nano S to MetaMask in order to store NFTs.
  • Trezor Model T - Model T wallet features a gorgeous color LCD touchscreen, enabling cutting edge new security features. All confidential data, including your PIN, is now entered through the screen's randomized digital keypad, and sent out via USB only after authentication.
    • Learn how to connect Trezor Model T to MetaMask to be able to store NFTs.

Whether you purchase a NFT from the new Bill Murray collection or already own NFTs, you’ll want to keep them safe by storing your NFTs in a hardware wallet.

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