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imKey Secret Box

imKey Secret Box

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The imKey Secret Box is a stainless steel device about the size of a credit card that hides and protects your recovery seed phrase.


Features of the imKey Secret Box

The imKey Secret Box is easy to use. For customized encryption, the Secret Box holds 2 sets of 12-digit mnemonics. Letters can be placed or changed quickly using the Secret Box cypher seed board and tools.

The whole body of the product is extremely strong - it is made from 304 stainless steel. And it is lockable.

This product has a threshold of heat that goes from 2550 to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and has already passed the 1200 degrees Celsius tempering test.

The imKey Secret Box is resistant to rust and is waterproof. So, submerging the box in water will not harm the product.

And for protecting your all-important recovery seed phrase, the product is quite affordable, too.


How does the imKey Secret Box work?

By using the Secret Box cypher seed board, you can derive a 12-digit phrase to use as a lock code for your imKey hardware wallet. The Secret Box is made from stainless steel, waterproof, and fire-resistant to keep the seed phrase safe.

As a reminder, always keep your seed phrase safe and never share it with anyone. With the mnemonic seed capabilities, you have plenty of layers to protect your financial information.


Security Features

For optimal security, the Secret Box cypher seed corresponds to 12, 18, or 24 words.

It also saves 2 sets of 12-digit phrases and supports 96 letter blocks placed on both sides. This provides plenty of choices for seed phrase combinations.

The product has an additional combination lock for an added layer of protection for your seed key.


Weight and Dimensions of the Secret Box

The product weighs 210 g and has dimensions of 105 x 60 x 6mm. The box is strong with a metal melting point of 1300 degrees celsius.


What's in the package?

When purchasing the Secret Box, you can also receive accessories for the product.

  • The entire body of the imKey Secret Box.

  • Cypher seed boards with 2 sets of 12-digit mnemonic storage.

  • Padded case and tool


Customer Support

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