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BitBox Connectivity Pack

BitBox Connectivity Pack

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BitBox Connectivity Pack

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The BitBox Connectivity Pack makes it much easier to connect your BitBox02 with other devices via USB adapters and a longer cord. You can take your hardware wallet anywhere and use it with ease.

Features Of The Connectivity Pack

These additional USB connectivity accessories help you stay organized and ready to go.

They're quick to grab and set up with your hardware wallet at any location.

The USB-C extension cable is 19.685 inches long. This eliminates the frustration of always untangling cords and adjusting connectors.

Works well with a computer that has USB-A ports. There's no need for USB adapters in this case.

This option provides you with compatible accessories that are affordable.

How Does The Connectivity Pack Work?

Connect your BitBox02 with USB-C cables traditionally. With the large USB extension cable, you can work without tangling the cord.

There's no need for USB-C adapters unless you're trying to connect to a USB-A port which is included in the Pack.

After you're connected, you can view cryptocurrencies on your device. Access your wallet and make transactions as usual.

With The USB extension cable, there's no need for USB-C adapters. Portable hardware wallets require USB adapters on many occasions.

Various USB port options work with the pack. This will depend on how you're trying to connect and how quickly you must work.

What comes in the Connectivity Pack?

The Connectivity Pack includes:

  • 1 USB-C extension cable 19.685" long

  • 2 USB-A to USB-C adapters

So, no matter what kind of device you're running, you can stay connected with the pack.

Purchasing Information

If you're buying the connectivity pack to access your crypto assets, great move! The manufacturer, Shift Crypto, is a leader in high quality, highly-secure crypto products.

You can purchase this quality product here at The Crypto Merchant. Pay with most major credit or debit cards, PayPal, and even with crypto through Coinbase.

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