Cryptotag Zeus Family Pack of 4 Premium Recovery Seed Backup Tools

Cryptotag Zeus Family Pack of 4 Premium Recovery Seed Backup Tools

Cryptotag Zeus Family Pack of 4 Premium Recovery Seed Backup Tools

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Bundle & Save with this discounted family pack of 4 Cryptotag Zeus Premium Recovery Seed Backup Tools.

Introduce your family to the exciting world of cryptocurrency investing!

Help them secure, manage, and grow their wealth with Cryptotag Zeus Premium Recovery Seed Backup Tools.


Bulletproof Titanium Material and Durable Design Ensure Maximum Defense of Your Seed Phrase. 

Have you recorded your recovery seed phrase(s) with a tool that offers total protection? Securing your recovery seed phrase is the most important action you can take in protecting your cryptoassets. 

A lost, stolen, or damaged seed phrase can lead to a nightmare scenario: the loss of all your crypto. Using paper or other weak, flimsy materials leaves you vulnerable to mistakes or malicious behavior. 

Don’t risk it. The Cryptotag Zeus Starter Kit provides you with everything you need to fully safeguard your cryptocurrency seed phrase. 

The Cryptotag Zeus starter kit, designed in The Netherlands, was passionately created with indestructibility in mind by elite cryptographers, engineers, metal workers, and aviation and racing industry professionals. Their expertise and dedication has resulted in Cryptotag Zeus becoming #1 best-selling crypto backup tool in the world and the most premium option for seed phrase back up available on the market. 

And the success of Cryptotag's flagship Zeus product is no surprise: made with bulletproof titanium, it the unit withstood stress tests from blowtorches, pneumatic hammers, metal rollers, profile bending, blacksmith fire, and more. 

WHY WAIT TO SECURE YOUR CRYPTO ASSETS? The Zeus start kit provides an automatic center punch tool for easy engraving and a convenient conversion sheet so you can record your recovery seed phrase in just 5-10 minutes.

TESTED TECHNOLOGY YOU CAN RELY ON: Cryptotag titanium plates have been put through every test imaginable: bullets, blowtorches, blacksmiths fire, and more. You can rest assured your recovery word phrase is safely recorded in this high-pressure tested titanium. 

GLOBALLY TRUSTED RECOVERY TOOL: Cryptotag has become the world’s best-selling recovery tool because of the passion, expertise, and patient testing of its makers. HODLers in over 60 countries trust Cryptotag with their crypto assets. 

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Key Features:

  • Quick & easy setup in 5-10 minutes requires only the provided titanium plates, automatic center punch device, and conversion sheet. Even includes earplugs and matches! 
  • Holds up to 24 BIP39 recovery seed phrase words in and is compatible with Trezor, Ledger, Keep Key and Exodus.  
  • Extra Cryptotag plates available for HODLers who need more storage space. 
  • Heat resistant up to 3032 degrees.  

All wallets are brand new, sourced directly from our partners, and verified secure. 

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